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I've got today off work. Originally it was just a 'need to use up leave before the leave year ends' but it's turned into a decorating day, because last week some bugger tried to break into my flat.

Nothing was taken, no real damage done - they didn't even get into my flat itself - they tried to jimmy the front door and when that didn't work they broke one of the panes of glass to get to the lock. The police think at that point they saw that there were two more front doors (both more substantial to the external one) and gave it up as a bad job. What's the joke? You can't keep out a professional - all you can do is dissuade the chancers.

Anyway, upstairs flat have been brilliant - one of them works for a joinery company so I came back in the evening to find the door boarded, the police called and a promise that if I was okay with it, we could get a new front door fitted at effectively cost. So I had a chat with them, agreed that none of us particularly trusted the old door any more and that for the price we were going to get charged, we'd be stupid not to.

So today, I'm staining my lovely new door a teak colour - one coat down, two to go.

I rang my insurance, of course. Gave them the crime number and, given that the door had been made secure, they promised to send out an inspector to assess the damage. Oh, and because it's a shared part of the property, they'd only pay half of the damage. I have to pay my full excess of course, but they insisted that the upstairs flat's insurance pays half too.

Can you see where this is going yet?

Monday, the insurance assessor for the upstairs flat came out. Wednesday the insurance assessor for my flat came out.

And when he looked at my front door (old, now in the front yard) he grinned and said "No real reason to change my report from Monday, is there?"

We're on different insurance companies, so it's not _quite_ as bad as if we had been, but even so ....

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