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"When walking, just walk. When sitting, just sit. When being, just be."

So what to say?

I'm in my forties. I don't remember thinking I'd be forty when I was a kid. I worked out what age I was going to be in 2000AD because that seemed significant then, but what came after it wasn't. Maybe that's the Cold War for you. But 40 crept up anyway and suddenly, here it is. Having achieved it, I'm not so sure that it's a huge amount different to being in my thirties. Less hair. More confidence. That's not a bad trade off.

I live in London. Having spent my twenties sure that I'd never move here, I'm now not sure I'll ever leave. I work in the centre of London as an IT trainer at a bank and live out in the east, allowing me to claim to be in Outer London or Essex depending on who I'm trying to impress.

For fun I go rock climbing and run an occasional cabaret. I started climbing to cure my fear of heights, and I run a cabaret because two escapologist friends of mine asked me to get involved as they had no experience of event running. I love that my life is sufficiently strange that I can casually say 'two escapologist friends of mine'.

I'm acutely aware that I'm turning into the black sheep of the family.

I love traveling around London: having lived in Brighton for 7 years I really appreciate London Transport, even the night buses. I love that I've almost seen a stand up fight about the best way to make salad dressing at 4am and that at King's Cross the only way to understand the station geography is to comprehend non-Euclidian geometry. I think Harry Beck was a genius, and his map (topographic rather than geographic) is a masterpiece of design. I love maps in general; they're ways of imagining places I'd like to be. And a map doesn't only have to be a geographical representation of a relationship between places. I bore people about isochronic maps sometimes.

I love language; I consider it to be the swingset and slide that my imagination dips and dives through, a playground that keeps me forever young. Tell me a new word and I'll be your friend. Buy me a dictionary of obscurity and you might never get rid of me.

I knew what an interrobang was when I was 12.

I teach IT because I love seeing the joy in someone's eye when they get it, no matter what "it" is. I write because I want to believe that other people can see the world with the same happiness that I can, and I dance because sometimes the shaman who lives inside my heart bursts out and takes over, thumping his feet at a high BPM.

I can't write poetry.

I enjoy life, having taken control of who I am and what I want to be and where I want to live a few years ago, and having seen nothing but good come out of the decision to do so. I enjoy my friends because they challenge me and fulfill me and remind me of why this is a fantastic world.

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