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I know you're all waiting for the latest installment with bated breath ....

I received a letter from the blessed Brian (see paens of praise passim) saying that it had all worked out okay, and that as of December 20th, my meter reading was XXXX and my outstanding balance was 4p. (XXXX being a plausible number, and certainly a lot nearer to my actual meter reading than the one they had previously, which was 9000 units away).

Now, I find that the 4p balance is awfully convenient - after all, it means that they haven't been overcharging me while they've been messing up my account. But I wasn't sure that I was willing to argue this too much. After all, once I'm happy that they're looking at the right numbers, I can argue for compensation then cancel my account with them. So frankly, I'll take that.

Except I got an email last night saying that my bill had been updated, and, more ominously, "Important: There’s additional information on this bill which you should take the time to read as it may affect the payment amount or due date.".


Would that important information be the fact that I'm now £60 in debit, rather than 4pence perhaps? Could nPower be juggling the numbers somewhat? Could they be undermining the efforts of their own Executive Complaints team?

So, once more, game on.

Only this time I have an 0800 number and a name.

Torpedoes in the water.
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