May. 18th, 2010

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Checking my LJ archive, it was just about a year ago, on the 13th May 2009 that I posted that Brian, the ubergeek from NPower's Executive Complaints team had solved an issue that had been dragging on for 18 months.

This morning I received a bill from NPower for just over £1000 for the gas I'd used between February and April.

To put it in context, that's 2 years normal use. And (for those of you who remember) it's exactly what I'd feared would happen 2 and a half years ago. They've taken a meter reading that's completely and utterly wrong - 700 units out - and applied that as my gas usage.

Today I found out that Brian's name is one to conjour with. Because when I rang the NPower complaints line and said "This is a problem, and it's the second time you've done exactly this, and Brian on your Executive Complaints Team spent a lot of time fixing this last year" the first response of the person I was talking to was "Would you like us to escalate this immediately to Executive Complaints?"

Why, yes. Yes I would.

The really funny point was that I asked "So - do you not have systems in place to check when someone's balance shoots up a ridiculous amount - say when it looks like they've used 2 years worth of their normal consumption in 3 months?" and the customer services agent said "Yes. We do. We have a quality assurance check whenever an increase over a certain amount is applied."

There was the sound of keys clicking in the background.

"Yes. Um. It appears that the quality assurance check was done on that increase. Um. It passed."

"So," I said, trying not to sound like a shark circling a bleeding man _too_ much, "Your quality assurance check. It's of low quality and not very assuring?"

"It certainly looks that way" he had the grace to admit.

I have a complaint number (to add to the 7 or 8 complaint numbers I acquired last time), an assurance that they're going to issue me with a new bill in the next week or so, and a promise that Executive Complaints will be ringing me later today.

Wish me luck.

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