Jul. 9th, 2009

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There's a lovely idea - take a GPS phone with video camera and a compass, then overlay the location and distance of your nearest tube station.

You're going to look a bit of a plonker standing by the side of the road, but still, it's a gorgeous concept.

Software out Real Soon Now.
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There's an interesting story in the Guardian at the moment - link at the end of this piece (and thanks to [livejournal.com profile] serpentstar for the point).

So, here's a question.

If you're a Metropolitan Police Officer who is under investigation for using excessive force during an arrest, what do you do?

A. Wait for the investigation to exhonerate you?

B. Quit before the result comes out and take up a career in private security?

C. Retire on medical grounds before the result comes out, accepting a medical pension from the Met and leaving the accusation of excessive force unanswered. Then apply to work as a civilian with the Met. Transfer from there to the Surrey police force as a police officer. Transfer back to the Met, then to the Tactical Support Group, at which point you push over a newspaper vendor during a protest, leading to accusations that you caused his death.

It's a quandry for the modern age, isn't it?


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