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Years ago, there used to be a book you could get which told you which carriage of the tube to stand in so that you'ld be nearest to the exit you needed for the station you were getting off at - for those who aren't used to the tube, this can literally save you 5 minutes or so at each station if the tube is crowded.

Now it's available as an iPhone / iPod Touch application for £1.79.
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You might find this interesting: a Bakerloo Tube driver explains why snow causes problems.
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The ever delightful Going Underground has just posted a link to the interactive subway maps for Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, published by ExploreMetro.


You can click on a station to get the first and last trains for each line that runs through that station. You can click on one station and then drag to another, and the software will calculate your average journey time, best route and cost of the ticket.

And it's worth keeping an eye out for the amusing 'loading' messages between screens; I particularly liked 'polishing station attendants badges'.

There's even a wikipedia with information about each station. TFL has something similar, but it's buried deep within the TFL website, and not at all easy to find.

Well worth a look if you're a map-geek :-) (And if you'd like to find out more, I've just syndicated the [livejournal.com profile] exploremetro blog to LJ.
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I put up a banner for an upcoming game a little while ago, which elicited a certain amount of comment.

I'd therefore be grateful for any comments (constructive if possible, adulatory if necessary :-)) on this - the first draft of the character sheet for Mind the Gap.

The underlying game system is Unknown Armies - the theme should be obvious from looking at the character sheet.

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