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I've been meaning to move from O2 for a while - they've just sold their home broadband service to *spit* Sky, and their best deals for SIM only mobile are twice the cost of the service I'm (going to be) getting from GiffGaff (That's an affiliate page - if you want to use that to join, I get £5 as do you. http://www.giffgaff.com for a non-affiliate link.)

But first, the dreaded "Give me my PAC number" conversation. Browsing the GiffGaff forums showed me a link to an instant message service where I could get my code; save me the phone call and (I hoped) more difficult for them to try to browbeat me into staying.

Now - bearing in mind that the reason I'm moving is that I'm going to be paying £12 / month for unlimited data, 300 minutes talk time and unlimited texts, and I currently pay approx £20 / month for 1GB data, 100 minutes and 500 texts - there's no deal I can see them offering to tempt me, especially as it's the unlimited data which is really appealing.

This is the conversation I just had.
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Now - doesn't that just read like a bot? It's not quite, unless they've programmed the bot to make spelling mistakes. And the whole 'I've prepared a deal for you' - those are standard SIM only contracts on their website, so I'm not getting any special treatment here.

But I was itching to type 'Are you Eliza?' all through the conversation.

Public Service Announcement: Phone transferring Wednesday - expect interruption of service if you were planning to call me :-)

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I found a new feature of my phone yesterday; one that a cursory google tells me is completely undocumented.

iTunes has a feature called 'Genius' which allows it to suggest music that you might like based on a tune you've selected. Highlight a song in your library, click the Genius button and it builds a playlist of 25 / 50 / 100 songs that are 'similar' to that song.* (I don't know if it's doing 'similar' in the same way as Pandora - analysing the tune, or as Last.FM - looking at other songs that people who like your track like, though my gut is that it's more like Last.FM ...)

This feature has been part of iTunes for a while now, and you've been able to set up Genius playlists and transfer them to your phone when you sync - set some parameters (I have an Electronica one, for example, which will look at all of the songs of that ilk on my phone and choose a selection) and go.

But my phone also has voice control - very useful when I'm listening to music and my phone is buried in my pocket to be able to press a button on the microphone and say 'Call Tim'. You can also say 'Play [playlist]' or 'Play [artist]' and so on.

Yesterday I found out that if I activate voice control and say 'Genius this' when I'm listening to a particular track, my phone will create a 25 song playlist based on the track I'm listening to at the time, and start playing it.

I'm inordinately pleased with this.

*This process involves sending details of your music library to Apple. It's opt in, but don't do it if you're unhappy that Steve Jobs will then know of your deep and abiding love for Rick Astley.

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