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Pirates of Passion!


The Love of a Good Woman

A play in 3 scenes and one act

Written by a gentleman most noble

Directed by Donna Serafiya van Bourselin di Medici


MACHO REMORA “King of Kisses”
as Captain James Tabor, Devil of the Southern Seas


A Cast of Hundreds

Produced in association with the Syracusan Society for the Fine Arts

And sponsored by Fiorissimo and Di Cassia

Makers of the Blockbuster Fragrance:Sea Hud

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In lieu of actual content, a story, from a long time ago.

The tale of King Cedrun and the Sword of Ages )
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There's a woman on one of the dating sites I occasionally look at who looks lovely. Half French, half American, looks nice, has an interesting profile.

But I fear it will never work out.

Her username finishes with the letters PGT*, you see.

*Surprisingly, when I google for the expansion of that acronym as I know it, it's almost a googlewhack. Strange - I seem to remember it being quite widely used ....
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Many years ago, [livejournal.com profile] westernind and I bought a latex throwing skull and a bomb at the worst Quest Celtaii in the world.

I have no idea where they are now - so a series of questions:

1. Does anyone have possession of them?
1a) If so, is there any way you might be able to get them back to me in the next month or so?

2. If not, can anyone remember who it was who made them?

Brain like a fish - a bit of webresearch suggests that it was Skian Mhor, who do have a website but it doesn't have any of their kit for sale on it

2b) If so, do they have a website?
2c) Do they trade at the Gathering or Maelstrom?
2c-1) Is there anyone who might be able to pick one or two of them up for me if they're not hideously expensive?

Phone number available on request ....

Time ...

May. 30th, 2006 09:05 pm
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Frantically reading rules? Check.

Sitting hunched over sewing machine? Check.

Sacrifice to the blood gods made? Check.

Event this weekend? Check.

Good God, I appear to have regressed to being a LRPer.
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You'd all forgotten, hadn't you? The LARPYs were held last weekend and the winners have been announced ... and it's my delight and honour to announce that the UK has walked off with the Best Looking LARPer award!

It's an as yet unsubstantiated rumour, in that the LARPY website hasn't been updated yet - it's understandable though; after the tension and excitement of such a tightly fought contest, I'd want a few days off to recover! However, my spies on the ground have passed the message to me to spread it far and wide within this blessed isle.

The Best Looking LARPer in the world lives in the UK!

So I'd like you all to raise your glasses and to toast the one person in our glorious hobby in this country who can hold their head up with pride; the one person who can claim with not a word of a lie to have won an international award describing their attractiveness; the one person in Britain who's worth has been rightfully recognised throughout the world.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you

Imagine I'm opening an envelope ..... )
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Might be of interest to some of the Ilford locals:

The Forgotten – a 1920’s horror live role-playing event

Since 1993 The Dark Door has been running games set within the Cthulhu Mythos as depicted in the stories of H P Lovecraft and others. Set in the 1920's, players take on the role of investigators of the macabre collectively pitting their wits (and nerve) against the dark forces at play. Our aim is to scare and entertain participants while they uncover arcane secrets and do battle with a pantheon of powerful beings from beyond the stars! Clues will be found, mysterious secrets uncovered and beasts summoned. Many will surely die, though the dead often prove to be somewhat animated!

The Forgotten – Game Fee £20

A group return to a woodland cottage a month after spending the night there. They all have something in common: a loosening grip on reality, and memories of a party that don't quite fit.

For more information go to our website at: www.thedarkdoor.co.uk
Or email us at forgotten@thedarkdoor.co.uk

Booking deadline: Monday 22nd May 2006
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As some of you know, I'm going to the Serenity LRP game in June, and the crew we have is shaping up nicely. The game being what it is, we've each taken a role on board, and I've ended up as the ship's doctor - not the first role I had in mind, but one that should be fun.

The problem is that the game writers (rightly) have declared that if you're playing a doctor or a mechanic, your kit should be as realistic looking as possible - so doctors bag, stethoscope, etc.

And then it hit me that we're playing  a science fiction game - we can use Maglites for torches, we can have pockets in our trousers, we can have zips! Lord above, we can have zips.

And I could have one of these.

If I could justify spending £50 on it ....
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Hi all,

on this thread on Pagga, the organisers of the Serenity game have indicated that they are looking at 35 player spaces for the game, which isn't a huge amount given the amount of interest that's been posited. However, they might well be wise in the ways of LRP_Player crapness, and so have set the limit low.

Either way up, if you want to play this game, it might well be worth booking sooner rather than later. Forms available from the main game website.

So, the question of groups - does anyone fancy being in a small, 5 - 6 person crew, looking for a ship? We can send booking forms off now, and send group / character concepts and stats later.

Either mail me or reply below, and we'll see if we can get a ship off the ground.
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2005 was my first year since (I think) 1992 without LRPing. This year, I'm going to be at NWO in May, and not at Odyssey in July.

However, there's a Serenity / Firefly LRP happening near Milton Keynes in early June.

http://www.serenity-lrp.co.uk/ is the website - it's 2nd - 4th June, and it's £45.00 if booked before March 31st.

Anyone else interested?

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