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That's a link to an article by a Renaissance scholar who's been living in Florence for the last year, discussing what was so important about Machiavelli.

It's a lovely article; well written and surprisingly touching.
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But this is just lovely.

Storybook calligraphy

Sinfest is a wierd little webcomic about God, Buddha, the Devil, books, people, poetry, feminism, patriarchy and love. Click on the comic to go through to the site.

I'm not doing it justice with that description at all. :-)
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I've linked to the Chiron blog before - it's written by a US Police Officer who specialises in combat training - threat assessment and threat management especially. It's usually interesting.

Today's post on 'loving and caring' really strikes a chord with me:

"I'm going to make a value judgment here: Immature people confuse their feelings with the world.  And feel that the feelings are more important than the physical world.  You feel a swelling chest and your throat gets dry when you see your main squeeze.  Must be true love, so it's okay if you slap her around occasionally. Bullshit."

As I've just commented on his post; "you are what you do".

Claim that you love something? Do something about it - if it's a person, act, if it's a place, pick litter, or volunteer to help.

Hate something? Campaign against it.

But do something.

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I've been at Guy's Hospital tonight.

A very good friend of mine has a genetic condition that made it very likely that she'd need to be on dialysis in 2009.

Another very good friend of mine has just donated a kidney to the first friend. They're in adjacent hospital beds, having had the operation yesterday. They're in good health, and in good spirits.

I can't express how proud I am of both of them for their courage and generosity. I can't say how positive it makes me feel about the world that one of my friends can bear such a burden gracefully for much of her life, and that another of my friends can be so generous, so giving.

I have no words, and yet I want to sing from the rooftops how lucky I am that I know such people, and that such love and generosity exists in the world.

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