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Last night, I found a lovely feature in Dreamweaver CS4 which should allow any website to have a CMS element; allowing other people to edit the web pages through their browser. Fantastic for collaborative work such as the Circus of Marvels website.

This morning, I googled for more information. It's called Adobe InContext Editing, so of course, I searched for 'Adobe ICE'.


Adobe ICE is completely different software. It's collation and database software for 'security consultants' collating information 'in the field', often in 'hostile environments'.

Have a look at Adobe Spy.

I haven't been quite this amused since I found a job advert on the CIA website for a spy.
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There's a lovely idea - take a GPS phone with video camera and a compass, then overlay the location and distance of your nearest tube station.

You're going to look a bit of a plonker standing by the side of the road, but still, it's a gorgeous concept.

Software out Real Soon Now.
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Come on ... we all know how this is going to end :-)

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In most online communities, 90% of users are lurkers who never contribute, 9% of users contribute a little, and 1% of users account for almost all the action.

Interesting stuff from Jakob Nielsen as useful - though I really wish that

a) he'd join the 21st C. and get an RSS feed for his blog web column.
b) he'd realise that good design is part of usability.
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What would you get if you analysed the connections between artists on Last.FM and drew them as a map?

This is the cloud view - click through for larger versions, annotated versions, and a zoomable / searchable map.

Each colour represents a different genre of music.
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#4598 in the list of Reasons Why I Love The Internet.
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Thanks to the Metro, of all things; though I'd heard of the website before and kept meaning to check them out.

http://www.blackcabsessions.com - take a London taxicab and a musician or a band. Drive it around for long enough for them to sing a song; one take. Put resulting video on the web.

The lighting usually sucks, but the sound is much better than you might think, given that they're driving around in a cab, and there's some fantastic performances on there .

I especially like Lykke Li, Badly Drawn Boy andAmanda Palmer's performances.

And if you want regular updates, I've syndicated it to LJ as [livejournal.com profile] blackcabsession - click on that to add it to your friends list and to get the videos appearing in your friendslist.
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Ray Charles, singing "It's not easy being green".

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It's okay to enjoy jazz if it's played on a Theramin, right?

The inherant geekiness of the instrument overcomes the jazziness of the jazz?


Another of the TED talks, and well worth a watch - needs sound to appreciate it fully.

(I found this through a link from the Procrastineering Blog by Jonny Lee Chung, who pointed me at Ken Moore's blog. He's built a theremin using a Wii-Remote.)
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A friend works for the Leonard Cheshire charity, and they're running an event, so I said I'd pass on details in case anyone on my friend's list is interested:

A Christmas Sparkler to beat the credit crunch blues!
Tickets are available from as little as £10 for this dazzling gala concert in aid of Leonard Cheshire Disability. A Christmas Sparkler promises an evening of music, carols and celebrity performances at the Southbank Centre, Royal Festival Hall, London on Thursday 11 December. To book tickets click here: Southbank Centre website or call 0871 663 2500.

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