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So if you look on this page, Google will tell you how old they think you are, based on the web pages you surf that they're aware of.

It will also tell you what subjects it thinks you're interested in.

I tried this at work and at home.

At work, Google thinks I'm 35-44 (which is pretty good - I'm 42).

At home, Google thinks I'm 18-24.

This amuses me greatly.

(nb: If you don't want them to track you like this I can sell you tinfoil for your hat at a reasonable price delete your cookies and browse in incognito mode. Which they explain on the above linked page.)
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Or, more specifically, the Law Commission. A conversation about legal reform lead to the Law Commission, and specifically to the Statute Law Repeals team, who write reports tidying up Britain's legal system. Apparently since 1965, they've been primarily responsible for reports that have lead to the repeal of 2,500 Acts in their entirety.

On their website they have a short paper on legal oddities that are still in force; MPs not wearing armour in Parliament (on the statute books since 1313, still enforced) and the official fixed date of Easter (The first Sunday after the second Saturday in April - on the books since 1920, never actually implemented).

But my favourite paragraph was where they address the old canard about London Black Cab drivers being obliged to keep a bale of hay in their taxi to feed their non-existent horse.

"...any taxi driver who travels around accompanied by a bale of hay does so purely for his
own amusement and not in compliance with any legal requirement."
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This is just laugh out loud funny.

What happens when Hitler realises that his name has just been found on the BNP mailing list?

Music Hall

Oct. 27th, 2008 09:11 pm
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I can imagine several of you being as amused as I am by this quotation from Wikipedia, taken from the article on the Abbot and Costello routine Who's On First:

In English variety halls (Britain's equivalent of vaudeville theatres), comedian Will Hay performed a routine in the early 1930s (and possibly earlier) as a schoolmaster interviewing a schoolboy named Howe who came from Ware but now lives in Wye.
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Many people don't know that there was a pilot for "24" - the series with Keifer Sutherland - made in 1994.

This web site has unearthed a snippet from it, and put it online.

Work safe, and really, really worth checking out.
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So, the world probably isn't ending today.

But if it is, my claim to fame is that Eddy, a good friend of mine from Planet Angel and the person responsible for webcasting the party, is the official live Webcaster of the Apocalypse.

I think that deserves a mention. Or at the very least, a teeshirt.
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I got put on to Cyanide and Happiness by a friend, and thought that several of you would appreciate this particular comic:


A couple of caveats; while this comic is perfectly worksafe, there are several on there which are wrong, wrong, wrong on so many levels. So generally, the site is Non-PC and NSFW.

But funny, in the same way In Bruges is funny.
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I am greatly amused by two things today.

Firstly was seeing a manual for our Purchase Information Management Portal.

Secondly was looking at a display case which has some radioactive materials in it, and which therefore was showing the big yellow warning sign, and then reading, and then re-reading the safety instructions next to the radiation warning.

The photo is below.

Click through, and read the sign that's just underneath the black box.
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I'm skimming some images, gathering resources for a game I'm writing at present. 5 minutes spare in Google Images, just getting inspiration.

And suddenly I find that everything is connected.

I'm not going to put anything else, because at least two of the players in the game could read this, but I wanted to mark just how amused I was.

And with that cryptic statement, adios.

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Whatever I think of his software company, here's a man who doesn't take himself too seriously :-)

Video: Bill Gates Last Day CES Clip
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Ninjure: vb. To be wounded or otherwise hurt without knowing where the source of injury came from.

"Wow - that's a nasty looking bruise - what did you do?"
"No idea - I was totally ninjured."
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If you do decide to listen to 4 or 5 podcasts of the Now Show in a row, be aware that people might look at you funny when you're laughing out loud on the Tube.

And the street.

And in the middle of Waterstones.

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When I started studying Aikido, Geoff and Phil had just split from their old club and started Maru Aikido. Maru is a honynym in Japanese; the meaning that they intended was "circle", but it also means "name" when applied to a ship. It tends to get used in the same way that we'd add HMS to the name of any Royal Navy vessel (and for the SF Geeks amongst you, is why the Kobayashi Maru is named so. (Incidentally, I've just used Wikepedia, which tells me that Maru means perfection or purity, and is given as a suffix to ship names because it implies a safe, or round trip. I'm absurdly pleased by that.)

Anyway; when I started, Maru was a member of the Aikido Research Federation which was based in Staffordshire. Over the years, however, our sensei decided that the next logical step was to form a federation - Maru Aikido had MMSU's Aikido club as a sister club, and they weren't necessarily happy with the politics that were necessary to be part of the ARF. (I am aware, before anyone points this out, how much this is like the Judean People's Liberation Front ...).

So the new federation was formed, and called Jiyuu Renmei, which Geoff told us meant "Freedom Federation". He and Phil had club badges designed, with a picture of Fuji-yama in the centre, the sun rising over the mountain, and the name of the Federation in a circle surrounding it. We were to wear these like Samurai mon, on the left upper arm of our best gi. None of this is unusual for a martial arts club.

So, wind on time, 12 years later. I've started Aikido (with a UKA affiliated club, [livejournal.com profile] curlwomble and [livejournal.com profile] ellistar! You got me in the end :-)) and last week, I wore my heavy karate-gi, which was the gi I did my dan grading in, and just so happens to be the gi that has my Jiyuu Renmei badge still carefully sewn to it.

At the end of the practice, I was chatting to Kumiko, a young, Japanese PhD student here and she looked at the badge. It took her a second to translate, and somewhat hesitantly, she said "This means Freedom, yes?"

I breathed a sigh of relief then; one that I'd unknowingly been holding in for 12 years.

Because as seriously as he took his Aikido, I think it would have tickled Wheeler Sensei immensely to have his students wearing a badge which said:

"I don't read Japanese. Please punch me here."
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You come across a page on a website which makes you think "Either that's a really cool place to work, or some PR wonk has suggested they do that to make it look like it's a really cool place to work. Or someone's about to get fired."

Today's page is http://www.proporta.com/F02/PPF02P05.php?t_id=1258&t_mode=des - completely safe for work, and just that little bit of randomness to start us sliding to lunchtime.

Anyone got a spare £1,175,000?
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thanks to [livejournal.com profile] baruch I've been playing with the Firefox extension, Stumble! - click it, fill out some preferences, and then it takes you to a random website.

That's how I found Bunny Suicides - a series of cartoons that I really don't suggest you go and see if

a) you like bunnies
b) you're likely to get sacked for sitting at your desk and laughing your ass off.

Everyone else, what are you waiting for?
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Patrick Stewart in Extras, the Ricky Gervais comedy. I never actually saw this when it was on TV, and now wish I had - one for the Amazon wish list, I think:

"You're not married, you haven't got a girlfriend, you live alone and you don't watch Star Trek?


Good Lord."

has my boss looking at me in a very funny way.
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Anyway - Home on the Strange, written by LJ legend [livejournal.com profile] theferrett and illustrated by [livejournal.com profile] roniliquidity is worth reading - it's a geekfest, obviously.

However, the current storyline, about a somewhat slimy GM grooming (and I use that word advisedly) a new player is roll on the floor holding my sides funny.

Start here to read the current storyline, or here if you want to start from the beginning.

And, to quote the inestimable Ferrett; "If you have a good GM, hug them. Now. And don't bitch the next time the rolls don't go your way."
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I guess they'd be watercooler chats, were we in the room with the watercooler.

One of those weird conversations this morning, which started with my boss telling us about the training course that he'd been on yesterday, about managing poor performance. It quickly morphed through the films seen at the weekend (Da Vinci Code for others, X-Men 3 for myself), and finished with a rousing chorus of "We are the Self-Flagellation Society" being sung by one of my Irish colleagues.

Glad it's a sunny day.
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You know you're a muppet when ....

You're making some signs which say "Quiet Room - please don't sleep in here if you know you snore" for a forthcoming Ars Magica freeform and you make sure that the signs use the Goudy Old Style and Marmyadose fonts.

You know you're really a muppet when ...

You know why the aforementioned muppet chose those two fonts.
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You'd all forgotten, hadn't you? The LARPYs were held last weekend and the winners have been announced ... and it's my delight and honour to announce that the UK has walked off with the Best Looking LARPer award!

It's an as yet unsubstantiated rumour, in that the LARPY website hasn't been updated yet - it's understandable though; after the tension and excitement of such a tightly fought contest, I'd want a few days off to recover! However, my spies on the ground have passed the message to me to spread it far and wide within this blessed isle.

The Best Looking LARPer in the world lives in the UK!

So I'd like you all to raise your glasses and to toast the one person in our glorious hobby in this country who can hold their head up with pride; the one person who can claim with not a word of a lie to have won an international award describing their attractiveness; the one person in Britain who's worth has been rightfully recognised throughout the world.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you

Imagine I'm opening an envelope ..... )

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