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Once a week, I go to a primary school in Bethnal Green to help the children there put together a school magazine. It's organised through the Community Relations team at work, I've been doing ti for about a year, and it's a lot of fun.

It's hard work (and really makes me appreciate the work that teachers do) but it's quite different to my day job and breaks the rhythm of the working week.

So this term, I've really taken the lead in project managing the magazine - of the people who can go regularly, I'm the one with the most design / printing experience. So we're encouraging the children not just to write articles and take photos, but also to proofread each other's work, and to think about what goes into making a magazine. I even briefly talked to them about page layout, and things they needed to consider about the number of articles we had. I've got an editorial board meeting with them this Thursday to show them the final proofs of the magazine and they get to say whether they're happy with it.

There's a whole heap of good things about doing this, but last week's session really raised a smile. 2 nine year old girls were putting together a recipe page, and they were decorating the edge of the page with clip art of chocolate chunks. As I looked over their shoulder to the PC, one of them turned to me and, with a very serious look on her face, said "We're only putting the pictures of chocolate on the left hand side and at the top, so you must make sure that this is a left hand page, otherwise the design won't work."

I think I managed to nod, say "I'll make a note of that" and turn away before grinning too much.
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I have a two-monitor setup here at work.

One of my monitors is currently displaying my computer at home. Just because I can.

The connection isn't quite solid enough to stream video or audio over, but then I'm doing it using http://www.logmein.com, which is a completely free service. It's perfectly acceptable to edit text or run several other applications.

I don't care about jetpacks and food-pills. I'm living in the future right now.
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And ever so slightly drunk at the moment.

But I have cause.

I just climbed my first lead climb ever tonight.

I expect this to make sense to a couple of people who read this. I hope the rest of you aren't getting bored with me banging on about this new-found obsession of mine.

I'm not sure I'm going to be able to sleep much tonight. I'm still buzzing.
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So, it's over.

It went well, I think; certainly the people I spoke to last night seemed to be having a great time, and from our perspective, it was a resounding success.

Thank you so much to those of you who braved a very wet and windy November night to come out and support us; I hope you had a good time. It was so lovely to see so many friendly faces there.

I may calm down in a week or so. But possibly not.

There will be other Flay and DeVille events, and I will be inviting you to them, oh yes.

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