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I've been meaning to move from O2 for a while - they've just sold their home broadband service to *spit* Sky, and their best deals for SIM only mobile are twice the cost of the service I'm (going to be) getting from GiffGaff (That's an affiliate page - if you want to use that to join, I get £5 as do you. http://www.giffgaff.com for a non-affiliate link.)

But first, the dreaded "Give me my PAC number" conversation. Browsing the GiffGaff forums showed me a link to an instant message service where I could get my code; save me the phone call and (I hoped) more difficult for them to try to browbeat me into staying.

Now - bearing in mind that the reason I'm moving is that I'm going to be paying £12 / month for unlimited data, 300 minutes talk time and unlimited texts, and I currently pay approx £20 / month for 1GB data, 100 minutes and 500 texts - there's no deal I can see them offering to tempt me, especially as it's the unlimited data which is really appealing.

This is the conversation I just had.
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Now - doesn't that just read like a bot? It's not quite, unless they've programmed the bot to make spelling mistakes. And the whole 'I've prepared a deal for you' - those are standard SIM only contracts on their website, so I'm not getting any special treatment here.

But I was itching to type 'Are you Eliza?' all through the conversation.

Public Service Announcement: Phone transferring Wednesday - expect interruption of service if you were planning to call me :-)

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An interesting article at the New Statesman on 'Hey Baby' - a "Grand Theft Auto" style game where the female protagonist has to cope with being hassled on the streets as she walks around, trying to get home; however, unlike real life, her coping strategies can include an AK47.

As the NS review says:

This is a game that's meant not to be played, but to be discussed. Its creator, Suyin Looui, a digital activist rather than a professional game designer, has said that her aim was to "examine new technologies and their potential value for feminist activism". Hey Baby is guerrilla feminist art masquerading as a PC pastime, and is all the more effective for the knowledgeable, unpatronising way in which it subverts the tropes of gaming to make its points.

There's a playable demo on the Hey Baby website, but if you try to order a copy they say they're currently 'sold out'. Vapourware as political activism?

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