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But this is just lovely.

Storybook calligraphy

Sinfest is a wierd little webcomic about God, Buddha, the Devil, books, people, poetry, feminism, patriarchy and love. Click on the comic to go through to the site.

I'm not doing it justice with that description at all. :-)
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I got put on to Cyanide and Happiness by a friend, and thought that several of you would appreciate this particular comic:


A couple of caveats; while this comic is perfectly worksafe, there are several on there which are wrong, wrong, wrong on so many levels. So generally, the site is Non-PC and NSFW.

But funny, in the same way In Bruges is funny.
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So Gary Gygax died earlier in the week; one of the creators of Dungeons and Dragons and therefore directly responsible for me knowing about half of my really good friends.

I don't really want to write a eulogy; my head isn't in the right place for that. But I am amused (and hope he would be too) by the way that he has permeated geek culture to such an extent that tributes to him are popping up in so many places.

Take webcomics, for example. Order of the Stick, unsurprisingly, devotes a full comic to Gary. It's a strip about D+D, so that's to be expected. John Kovolic is more direct, but no less loving. Even Penny Arcade turned out something "bordering on the semi-tasteful".

The surprises are in the comics that aren't about gaming, though. Take Questionable Content for example. It's a soap opera webcomic set in some town in the US, based around the lives of several young people in their teens and early 20's. One of them, Dora, is old (25!) and owns a coffee shop called Coffee 'O' Doom, where the abuse is as fresh as the coffee. QC has never really mentioned gaming in any way; it's always been far more about music.

Check out the blackboard.

The best one though? That has to be handed to XKCD.com. As always, the joke is in three places; the title of the comic, the comic itself, and the alt text of the image. For that reason, I'm not going to post the comic here. Visit the site. Lets be honest, if you like geek humo[u]r, you'll thank me anyway.
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(An explanation - the following piece is my most recent submission to [livejournal.com profile] musemuggers - a great LJ-Comm where several writing prompts are put up each week. One of this weeks was three cards from the Vertigo Tarot deck.Comments always welcome.)

"They're just cards, you know."

They'd had this conversation before; like an old couple playing chess in Central Park, the first moves flickered by like fireflies.

"I know. They're comforting."

"You're not looking for your fate and fortune in there are you?"

"That's not why I do it."

"So why?"

A change of tone. More weight to the words - difficult to do with only five letters, but somehow, she'd managed to fill that phrase with interest and despair, both at once.

He turned to face her;looked at her properly for the first time in a thousand years. Held his mouth still while his thoughts whirled and dipped, waited patiently for the right words to come. And she, for her part, waited too. Patience could have been her name, if she took it upon herself to use one.

"They're so inventive." He raised an eyebrow, forestalling her obvious interjection. "No, not the cards. The creators of the cards. The short-lived ones who see the road that stretches ahead of them disappearing into darkness and who do whatever they can to put off their fate. Some fall to destruction fighting that battle. Others, on finding that their destiny cannot be put off, seek to explain it. Some use drugs to step sideways for a while; risking eternal delirium for a momentary glance. Others ..."

"They dream.", she said, far more gently that before. She smiled then, and it reached deep into her eyes, lighting up the darkness.

A nod, accepting the obvious. "They dream, and for a few short minutes they can step off the path and onto another. Wherever they desire to go; wherever they need to go. They dream. And when they return to the world awake?"

She sat,crossing her legs unselfconsciously, propping up her head with both hands to indicate that she was giving her every thought to the matter.He didn't smile, but then he never did.

"They hold the dream within, and carry on walking the road. There's nothing else they can do. And when the road ends ..."

Her voice trailed off, a hand waving to indicate 'you know...'.

"Death." Five more letters, just as much weight.

"Yes? Oh. I mean, yes. Then death."

She grinned, her nose wrinkling up and her eyes creasing.

"But that doesn't explain the cards, oh brother of mine. They use them to step off the path, to see if they can evade their destruction. They stave off despair, they hunt desire. They dream through the cards, dear brother, and they delight at knowing their destiny. And sometimes they see their death, and count themselves at least prepared."

She watched his hands as he dealt another spread of cards.

"But what do you get out of this deck of yours, little brother. I know what they hope for. What are the cards to you?"

He looked at her then, and in his eyes the stars of all the universes ever dreamt of burned.

"Like any general before a battle, I seek to know my enemy."

She laughed then, full loud and long.

"Your enemy? Don't you mean your family?"

And there, just at the corner of his mouth, the very faintest hint of a curl of the lips. One would need to be familiar with that face, to have known it for a thousand thousand years to call it a smile.

"Are they not one and the same?"
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Being the first person to post in [livejournal.com profile] orderofthestick to let everyone else know that there's a new comic up is really cool.

Further note to self:

Remember that if you're the first person to post in [livejournal.com profile] orderofthestick to let everyone else know that there's a new comic, turn off comment notification for a couple of days.
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thanks to [livejournal.com profile] baruch I've been playing with the Firefox extension, Stumble! - click it, fill out some preferences, and then it takes you to a random website.

That's how I found Bunny Suicides - a series of cartoons that I really don't suggest you go and see if

a) you like bunnies
b) you're likely to get sacked for sitting at your desk and laughing your ass off.

Everyone else, what are you waiting for?
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Anyway - Home on the Strange, written by LJ legend [livejournal.com profile] theferrett and illustrated by [livejournal.com profile] roniliquidity is worth reading - it's a geekfest, obviously.

However, the current storyline, about a somewhat slimy GM grooming (and I use that word advisedly) a new player is roll on the floor holding my sides funny.

Start here to read the current storyline, or here if you want to start from the beginning.

And, to quote the inestimable Ferrett; "If you have a good GM, hug them. Now. And don't bitch the next time the rolls don't go your way."
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I'm writing a memo at work. It includes the phrase "[userID] is on the Global Database." a couple of times.

I have had to delete the word 'Frequency' twice so far.

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