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I love words. I love language. I love the moment when you realise that you've said something in such a way that the people who heard you say it have just redefined their world to accommodate what you've just said.

So it's a particular joy of mine when a friend states something, unattributed, that I know I was the first person to say that to them in that way.

I don't care about the attribution. I changed their head.

That's power :-)

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"Identity cards

Both Parties that now form the new Government stated in their manifestos that they will cancel Identity Cards and the National Identity Register. We will announce in due course how this will be achieved. Applications can continue to be made for ID cards but we would advise anyone thinking of applying to wait for further announcements.

Until Parliament agrees otherwise, identity cards remain valid and as such can still be used as an identity document and for travel within Europe. We will update you with further information as soon as we have it."


May I be (one of) the first to say "Woo hoo!"?
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I'm putting the following behind a cut - this is a public post, so anyone is welcome to comment, but I'm sure it's a subject that many of you don't particularly care about so I'm putting it behind a curtain, as it were. Feel free to join in or pass by.

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The 43things -> LJ interface doesn't seem to be working properly, so in the interests of boring you all, (and, to be fair, cos some of you expressed an interest), here's a rough idea of the design for my first tattoo.

I would be grateful for any of you who read Hebrew for proofreading, just so that I know I'm not asking for a Bagel with Lox. (It should read, at no surprise to many of you, "This too shall pass".)

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