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These are dark times, gentle reader. The Depression shows no sign of lifting, and cuts are everywhere. Faced with a lack of funding and some very expensive habits to pay for, Mssrs. Flay and DeVille, owners of the Southern Sanatorium for the Deranged and Damaged have been forced to grasp the nettle of entrepreneurism and throw open their doors to the general public, Victorian asylum-style. Come see the inner workings of some of our more twisted inhabitants.

Amongst the freaks for you to gawk at:

- Li'l Miss Chievous, interred after one too many Johns got nasty and she snapped
- Diva Hollywood, whose opium-addled mind finds relief only through whip-work
- Henry And Hazel, a traditional circus troupe more physically balanced than mentally
- Luna Rosa, bewitched and delirious after a recent trip to the Orient
- Crimson Skye, a deeply devoted darling who just can't give up her lover's cheatin' heart.
- and of course Flay & DeVille themselves, the freaks who took over the asylum...

Flay & DeVille's Southern Sanatorium. It's like 'Britain's Got Talent' - but with less cruelty and more talent.

Where: The Bizarre Summer Ball, The Scala, King's Cross, London
When: Saturday May 21st
Tickets and more info: http://www.bizarremag.com/bizarre-events/bizarre-ball/

Oh, and apparently some band called the Futureheads are playing too. :-)
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It's that inbetween time - liminal space - between Christmas and New Year. I've done nothing. Almost literally. A combination of cold weather and illness has meant that I've not left the house since coming back from Christmas dinner with [livejournal.com profile] westernind and [livejournal.com profile] forbinproject, nor have I seen anyone face to face in that time, except for the man who came to read the meter.

This year started _very_ badly and improved quickly, but it's been quite a curates egg overall.

The Year gone, the year to come )

Here's to the new year; may it bring you light, warmth and love.
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Attention, all righteous gentlefolk! Flay & DeVille are about to start the new decade with a most spectacular and truly momentous cabaret that will embark on a journey through time and space!

Sat on the stage in the dark of their new home at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern, Flay and DeVille are wondering how on Earth they can possibly top their previous run of awesome shows. Suddenly, out of the Stygian gloom, looms HP Lovebox, the accordion-wielding crooner and Elder God of the Nether Hells, and issues a Mephistophelian challenge: to present the most excellent cabaret that ever has been or ever shall be... or he shall eat their souls.

To achieve this audacious task, they are granted one soul-saving opportunity - the ability to travel to the darkest corners of the past and the most dazzling distant future to gather truly awesome variety turns from throughout time.

With Special Guests:
Honey Wilde
Baawo DeBaron
VJ Spankie
Lil Mis'Chevious
HP Lovebox

and many more!

On Thursday 25th February, we will be throwing open the doors of the Royal Vauxhall Tavern at 7pm. The show will start at 8.30pm, and there will be dancing and revelry until midnight. Tickets are £10 in advance and £12 on the door.

Strange goings-on are afoot at the RVT, and the future harmony of the universe depends on you being there.
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Ladies and Gentlemen,

We're in the final throes of preparation for the Circus of Marvels End of the Pier Show on Monday 1st June.

We just wanted to let you all know that we'll be taking the pre-booked tickets offline at 6pm on Sunday evening - after that, you'll have to get your tickets on the door.

http://www.flay-deville.com if you want to grab a ticket for £10 before then.

We'll be closing our reserved ticket list at noon on Monday - if you'd like us to hold a ticket on the door for you up to 8.30pm, drop us an email to circus@flay-deville.com before the list closes.

Hope you're enjoying your bank holiday - see you next week.

Best wishes

Flay and DeVille
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Roll Up! Roll up! Flay & DeVille have returned to Madame Jojo's, the dusky, decadent heart of Soho.

On Monday, 1st June we're going to ask you to cast your mind back, gentle reader, to a simpler time! A care-free time of innocence treasured and lost, of candy-floss and bad teeth, of penny arcades and What The Butler Saw, of seaside towns and occasional children lost at sea. Of donkey rides, rolled-up trousers, ice creams, nubile sunbathers and the seedy men who'd watch them.

Yes that's right, folks! To celebrate the full bloom of the year, Messrs Flay & DeVille would like to take you back to those heady days of summer with an End Of The Pier extravaganza! Amongst our fruits de mer we've got saucy sailor girl Tallulah Mockingbird (ready to go down with all hands on deck), Kalki (the hula-hoop dancer with a dextrous, mellifluous body to die for), The Stupendous Crapini (Wizard! Sorcerer! Mage!), and Des O'Connor will by popular request be returning to the stage to transport you on wings of song. With the weather hotting up, it is even possible that Messrs Flay & DeVille will be tempted to strip off their dapper suits and burn away the pasty pallor of winter! Will they wear boxers? Speedos? Mankinis? You'll have to turn up to find out!

And finally, to wash you into the night with waves of delight, we have our resident turntable tsunami The Ingenue, who'll sweep you up with shanties, chansons and sultry siren songs from the 20s to the 50s, plus anything else that takes her wicked fancy.

So what are ya waiting for? Monday is the new Friday, the time is ripe, the liquor is flowing and even if it's raining outside, the sun always shines at the Circus Of Marvels!

Advanced Tickets are £10 from http://www.flay-deville.com
Tickets on the Door £12.

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All things printed out: Check.
Butterflies in stomach: Check.
Dread that no-one will turn up: Check.
Dread that the show was yesterday: Check.
Dread that I've forgotten something massively important: Check.

Must be about time to get going. See some of you at the show. See the rest of you on the flipside.
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After the resounding success of our first event, we're running another one!

Once more, we'll be taking over Madame JoJo's on Brewer Street from 9pm - 1am to offer you some of the best acts on the Variety scene in London today.

We're still finalising our lineup, but we're happy to confirm the following:

  • The Frivolitease - winners of the 'best troupe' at the London Burlesque Awards 2008

  • Fresh from Covent Garden - Spikey Will showing that he's harder than nails!

  • The Road Mage, Owen Lean - holder of the world's first degree in Street Magic!

  • Miss Rose Thorne, bringing her own particular interpretation of that David Lynch classic, The Elephant (Wo)man.

  • And many more ...

Tickets are £10 in advance, or £12 on the door.


'Gwan - what's going to top that for a Monday night?
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So, it's over.

It went well, I think; certainly the people I spoke to last night seemed to be having a great time, and from our perspective, it was a resounding success.

Thank you so much to those of you who braved a very wet and windy November night to come out and support us; I hope you had a good time. It was so lovely to see so many friendly faces there.

I may calm down in a week or so. But possibly not.

There will be other Flay and DeVille events, and I will be inviting you to them, oh yes.
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Metaphorically speaking, at least.

So, tonight's the night - the Flay and DeVille Circus of Marvels opens for its first show.

I've been waiting for the other shoe to drop all weekend; making lists, cutting up programmes, printing feedback cards; trying desperately to remember what it is that I've forgotten to do.

That's normal, though. I don't think I've ever run an event that I've cared about without getting the pre-curtain jitters, and I don't even get up on stage!

But, as I've said elsewhere, if you're not nervous, you're probably not doing it right.

See some of you later, see some of you soon.

Catch you on the flip-side.

Music Hall

Oct. 27th, 2008 09:11 pm
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I can imagine several of you being as amused as I am by this quotation from Wikipedia, taken from the article on the Abbot and Costello routine Who's On First:

In English variety halls (Britain's equivalent of vaudeville theatres), comedian Will Hay performed a routine in the early 1930s (and possibly earlier) as a schoolmaster interviewing a schoolboy named Howe who came from Ware but now lives in Wye.
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Preparations continue apace for the event that may well redefine Monday as the new Friday (or at least the extra-long Sunday ....)!

We're opening our reserve list today - if you'd like us to hold a ticket or two for you to collect and pay for at the box office, please email info@irrepressible-events.com, giving us your name and the number of tickets you'd like us to hold for you. Please be aware that doors open at 8pm on the 10th November at Madame JoJos, and that reserve tickets must be collected by 8.30pm - after that point, we cannot hold them for you any longer.

Or, of course, you can buy a ticket in advance using PayPal if that's easier - details here

(And if you have no idea what I'm talking about - check out the website and come see!)


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Hi all,

as I've mentioned to some of you, myself and some friends are putting on a cabaret night at Madame JoJo's in Soho on Monday 10th November.

It's £10 for the show, which covers cabaret from 9pm - 11.30 and music before and afterwards until 2am.

I know it's a Monday evening, but it would be lovely to see you there if possible.

There are more details on our website at http://www.irrepressible-events.com/ including a link to Paypal if you want to buy tickets.


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