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I've been meaning to move from O2 for a while - they've just sold their home broadband service to *spit* Sky, and their best deals for SIM only mobile are twice the cost of the service I'm (going to be) getting from GiffGaff (That's an affiliate page - if you want to use that to join, I get £5 as do you. http://www.giffgaff.com for a non-affiliate link.)

But first, the dreaded "Give me my PAC number" conversation. Browsing the GiffGaff forums showed me a link to an instant message service where I could get my code; save me the phone call and (I hoped) more difficult for them to try to browbeat me into staying.

Now - bearing in mind that the reason I'm moving is that I'm going to be paying £12 / month for unlimited data, 300 minutes talk time and unlimited texts, and I currently pay approx £20 / month for 1GB data, 100 minutes and 500 texts - there's no deal I can see them offering to tempt me, especially as it's the unlimited data which is really appealing.

This is the conversation I just had.

Nelly: I'm sorry to know that you want tom leave us.

Nelly: May I know which provider you're moving to?

John Scott: GiffGaff

Nelly: Okay.

Nelly: May I know what deal you've been offered?

John Scott: It's their £12 / month package.

Nelly: I understand that.

Nelly: I've prepared a 12 month sim only deal for you in which you can get 300 minutes, 300 O2 to O2 minutes, unlimited texts, 250 MB data, unlimited O2 wi-fi for just £11.00 a month.

Nelly: And the best part is that you can upgrade your phone and contract with us anytime during the 12 month contract.

John Scott: No thank you.

Nelly: As per your usage you should go for £16 tariff.

Nelly: I've prepared a deal for you in which you can get 600 minutes, 500O2 to O2 minutes, unlimited texts, 500 MB data, unlimited wi-fi through BT Openzone and O2 hot spot for just £16 (including VAT) a month.

Nelly: And the best part is that you can upgrade your phone and contract with us anytime during the 12 month contract

John Scott: Thanks, but no thank you.

John Scott: Please may I have my PAC code.

Nelly: I'll surely help you with that.

Nelly: You can also save around £50-£70 a month but just using our application known an O2 Priority Moments.

Nelly: You can register for Priority moments and you can get discount on various things like clothing, food, gym membership, travel, cinema tickets, and so much more at a click of a button on your phone.

Nelly: All you need to do is just send a text on 2020 stating MOMENTS and once you're registered, you'll start getting the discount alerts

John Scott: Please may I have my PAC code.

Nelly: Alright.

Nelly: There is some important info you need to know about your disconnection, please click here to read through it.

Nelly: Please go through the link and let me know I can proceed ahead.

John Scott: Thanks - you can proceed.

Nelly: Alright.

Nelly: Please allow me few minutes.

Nelly: Your PAC will be valid for 30 days. The reason being is, as soon as a PAC is used and the number moves to the new provider, this will cause an immediate disconnection of the contract. It is just your responsibility to make sure the PAC is used and number moved within the 30 days otherwise the O2 contract would keep running.

Nelly: Your final bill will be made on or around 14 days after your account is disconnected.

Now - doesn't that just read like a bot? It's not quite, unless they've programmed the bot to make spelling mistakes. And the whole 'I've prepared a deal for you' - those are standard SIM only contracts on their website, so I'm not getting any special treatment here.

But I was itching to type 'Are you Eliza?' all through the conversation.

Public Service Announcement: Phone transferring Wednesday - expect interruption of service if you were planning to call me :-)

Date: 2013-06-29 03:23 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] nortysarah.livejournal.com
I didn't know that about Eliza! I seem to keep telling my Eliza 'no' at the moment. I imagine the conversation must have felt very similar!

Date: 2013-06-30 09:19 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] yapman.livejournal.com
Top tip for getting a PAC Code:
"My company is taking over the contract, I want to keep the number".

It's been true twice, and I've used it when it wasn't. Nobody has ever tried to offer me a deal (good or bad) to stay ...

Date: 2013-07-02 12:20 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] jfs.livejournal.com
To be fair, just repeating "no thank you , give me my PAC' worked. And I was typing and multitasking so it didn't waste much of my day.

Date: 2013-07-01 08:02 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] nyarbaggytep.livejournal.com
Heee! Totally does sound like Eliza

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