Jan. 30th, 2016

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I have come down with a cold; my first in a good year. I made it through the day of an offsite meeting on pseudopsuedopsuedoephadrine and chocolate eclairs (the cream filled rather than the Cadburys). Interesting conversations, though I think I may have banged on a little too much about building a brand internally and marketing for Security. That may have been the drugs talking.

I've been listening a lot to David Bowie recently, unsurprisingly. After I heard the news of his death I was surprised to find I didn't own any of his songs (bar Heroes on the London Olympics soundtrack album) but a quick trip to iTunes and 3 best of albums ranging from 1969 to 1987 appeared quickly. As always with a best of, there's the tracks you know, the tracks you like and the tracks that really stretch the definition of 'best of' to breaking point. Sometimes, the same track fits all three categories.

The week passed and I just spent 3 hours looking at 'travel systems' in Mothercare. A travel system, for those not in the know, is a transformer pram, that can be a carry cot, a buggy, a pram, a dalek, a climbing frame, a dessert and a floor topping!

I didn't find it too bad (though they cannily have a Costa in store, with lots of seating for when you need that mid-shop caffeine and sugar fix). We didn't buy anything - too many choices to process - but we have a list of our favourites. This afternoon will be at home, on my computer, shopping as an introverted God intended, over the internet.

Speaking of too many choices - Why Finnish babies sleep in boxes is a good read and a great idea. The number of choices I'm seeing as a new dad are frankly overwhelming and making me tharn. Being sent a box with the inherent reassurance that someone else has gone through and thought of everything you might need to get started is a great idea.

And if you're not going to get sent one by the Finnish Government, you can just order one over the internet. The €400 is pretty good - the contents bought separately from Amazon come close to €300 - I'm not so sure about the Moomin themed box though - €200 extra for some Moomin themed diapers and some other bits ...

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